Plate Servicing

Thornhill's Re-gasketing facility has been specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of our clients.

With a capacity to process in excess of 100,000 plates annually, and a wide experience of all major OEM's we guarantee to complete all work swiftly and to exceptional standards.

Our experience in this field enables us to service any Plate Heat Exchanger and be able to guarantee all our work.

Stage 1 - Good Received

As plate packs are received they undergo a stringent checking-in procedure ensuring each pack is complete and cross relates to the customer specifications.

They are then marked with a unique number to ensure full traceability.

Stage 2 - Plate Cleaning

The old gaskets are carefully removed and the plates are then subjected to a thorough high pressure washing and chemical cleaning programme to remove all traces of gasket and process contaminants.

Stage 3 - Inspection

Prior to re-gasketing, each plate must pass a three-stage inspection process encompassing visual corrosion, channel deformation and also a dye penetrant check to highlight the minute pinholes or cracks that can result from excessively corrosive applications.

Stage 4 - Re-Gasketing

Date stamped gaskets are selected from our extensive stock and bonded to the plates. Our experienced team use strong adhesives including heat cured two-part epoxy resin cement, designed specifically for strength. A combination of quality in both team and gasket selection ensures superior performance.

Stage 5 - Oven Curing

On completion of re-gasketing, the plate pack is jig clamped to ensure correct alignment and then placed in the oven at the appropriate temperature to ensure curing of the adhesive.

Stage 6 - Commissioning

After final inspection, the reconditioned plates are ready to be promptly despatched to the customer, where we can provide installation and commissioning if required.

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