Tool Manufacturing

Thornhill have invested heavily and now provide one of the most comprehensive manufacturing and tooling resources in the industry.

Our dedicated CAD/CAM machining centre is capable of producing gasket moulds from either our in house database of plate dimensions, or in unlikely event that details are not held, by digitising plates supplied.
The dimensions and cutter paths are then downloaded ready for the manufacturing on the substantial 3.2m x 1m x 1m three axis milling area.

To compliment these resources, Thornhill have a highly skilled workforce trained to make best use of the facilities available to them. This combination ensures the quality that Thornhill Heat Exchangers' customers have come to rely on.

The high tolerances within which we are able to manufacture  combined with the reduced lead times generated, ensures that a consistently high quality product is available to our clients with a response time to be envied.

This combination of speed and quality promotes the enhanced confidence that clients have in Thornhill's service.

Product Profile

Thornhill Heat Exchangers are a company that recognise the needs and aspirations customers demand from a supplier.
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Industries We Service

Thornhill has developed a number of innovative service options each addressing a specific need in industry.
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Thornhill Service Partners

Thornhill Heat Exchangers operate service facilities worldwide.
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Gasket Production

Thornhill has the flexibility to produce gaskets of any size with the UK's largest gasket presses.
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Our comprehensive production facilities boasts one of the largest gasket compression presses in the UK.
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