Visual Leak Detection System

Thornhill Heat Exchangers have developed a highly effective, non-destructive testing method primarily for use on Plate Heat Exchangers in the dairy, brewing, food and pharmaceutical industries.

These are some of the benefits of the Thornhill testing procedure:

• Double Visual Verification
• Full Diagnostic Check
• Non-Destructive
• Detects Minute Cracks and Pinholes
• Helium - Miniscule Molecular Composition
• Low Pressure Testing
• Flow Rate Checks
• Holding Time Testing
• Minimise Downtime / Maximise Uptime

Product Profile

Thornhill Heat Exchangers are a company that recognise the needs and aspirations customers demand from a supplier.
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Industries We Service

Thornhill has developed a number of innovative service options each addressing a specific need in industry.
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Thornhill Service Partners

Thornhill Heat Exchangers operate service facilities worldwide.
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Gasket Production

Thornhill has the flexibility to produce gaskets of any size with the UK's largest gasket presses.
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Our comprehensive production facilities boasts one of the largest gasket compression presses in the UK.
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