Vitherm are one of the leading suppliers of Plate Heat Exchangers in the market place; efficient and technologically advanced and installed worldwide in various industries, they are ideal for any industry application requiring an efficient and economical heat transfer.

The process industry design assures the correct application of the technology to yield long life and trouble-free installation, with decades of global experience in thermal technology systems production and engineering, they can privide the right choice for your application.

Vitherm will combine the highest levels of technology and expertise to provide the best solution to any energy handling problem. Vitherm provides all customers with top quality products and services providing intelligent solutions; the most dependable and flexible heat transfer vendor resource in the world.


Equivalent units/plates can be custom designed in house to meet customer requirements, with plate materials to suit all applications

A large range of plates: 13 plates from 0,02m2 to 1,70m2.


Any alloy that can be pressed and welded:

- SS304, SS316 (Standard)
- Titanium & Titanium+0.2 Pd
- Hastelloy C-276, C-22, B& C-2000
- Avesta 254 SMO
- Nickel
- Uranus B-6
- Incoloy 825
- Monel
- Tantalum


The extended life of the plates and gaskets gives Vitherm one of the lowest life cycle costs on the market.



Vitherm plates are pressed in a single stroke by a large tonnage hydraulic press; this enables compliance to extremely tight tolerances allowing large plate packs to be in perfect alignment in the assembled plate heat exchanger. Progressive or multiple stroke pressings cannot match the tight tolerance of single stroke pressings.

The varied chevron angles allow maximum turbelance and velocity for a given pressure drop giving high heat transfer rates; which means the units do not have to be opened as often for cleaning, disrupting production and the heat transfer.

The half cylindrical gasket design allows for several operations; the large cross sectional gasket area has the ability to contain the gasket within the gasket groove under high pressure operating conditions. Adequate room for compression means significantly lower replacement costs due to the longer life and reusability of the gaskets.


The gasketed plate and frame heat exchanger consists of a plate pack of a calculated number of embossed plates with perimeter gaskets clamped securely with tie rods between two thick carbon steel plates. The plates have openings at the corner to direct process and service fluid through the interplate passage ways; fluids flow alternately between plates in order to achieve high efficiency heat transfer. The thin fluid flow and high turbelence created by Vitherm's proprietary embossed plate patterns produce low pressure drops and extremely high heat transfer coefficients.

High quality Vitherm gasketed plate heat exchangers are designed with easy access for regular servicing and a long low maintenance lifetime with low life cycle costs; offering many advantages over commodity oriented conventional plate heat exchangers.

Vitherm technology has one of the lowest life cycle costs on the market (Purchase price plus operational cost).

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