General Industrial/HVAC

Thornhill Heat Exchangers have the engineering capability to design new, overhaul and repair a vast array of heat exchangers within a wide range of industrial markets. With manufacturing facilities located within the UK, Thornhill Heat Exchangers are reactive/responsive to minimise downtime for the client.

Products Include:

• Shell & Tube
• Calorifiers
• AHU Coils
• Heater Batteries
• Fin Fan Coolers
• Air Blast Coolers
• Compressor Coolers
• Intercoolers
• Aftercoolers
• Plate heat exchangers

Site Services
Supporting the ever important Industrial Sector, Thornhill’s highly experienced site engineers are able to conduct onsite cleaning/overhaul, repairs and re-tubes to a wide array of heat exchangers across the UK and Ireland. All of our engineers carry CCNSG site safety passports and are available for onsite measuring services at the customer’s request.